Michael Macdonald
This website is all about my participation in the Wyoming Infrared Observatory (WIRO) Summer Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program (SURAP) at the University of Wyoming. The program ran from May 21 through July 27, 2007. This was my second year participating in the program. Many thanks to program director Ron Canterna, faculty member Mike Pierce, graduate students Stephanie Fawcett, Andy Monson, and Chris Rodgers. In addition, thank you to Becky Barlow for organizing one great 4th of July celebration! Last but not least thank you to the department of Physics and Astronomy staff and faculty for organizing many great activities! Please explore this site to read about my experiences as well as view the many photographs of the UW facilities and the beautiful landscape of Wyoming!
Thank you to the National Science Foundation! This work was part of the Wyoming SURAP REU program funded by NSF grant ASTR-0353760.
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