Sunset at RBO
About Me
Name: Eric Hausel
Age: 26
Birthday: March 19, 1981
College:  University of Wyoming
Degrees:  Completed three B.S. degrees in Geology, Astrophysics and Physics.
Currently:  Working on four separate projects at RBO, a 0.6m telescope outside of Laramie, WY.  This website was created to continue my previous research to determine physical characteristics about asteroids.
Experience:  I have worked three years at RBO.  During that time I have mainly worked on three different projects and have worked on some instrumentation.  One project has included imaging standard stars to derive transformation equations for u’g’r’i’z’ filters.  Another project includes building the ZAMS using various clusters and using the u’g’r’i’z’ filter system to determine metallicity dependance of various stellar types.  Finally I have been working with Chris Rodgers to build CMD’s using the DDO filter system to understand metallicity dependance of stars and age date clusters. Although not a full time project, I have imaged GRB’s on occasion in unison with SWIFT.  As a final note, I spent the summer of 06 in Valdosta, GA researching asteroids where I helped to publish a paper with several fractional lightcurves along with a nearly complete lightcurve of Chicago, 334.
Future: Not entirely sure yet which route to go.  I want to do something with planetary geology, but I enjoy working both in astronomy and geology, so I would be happy working in any of those fields.  I am still planning on continuing my education in a masters or doctorate program.  I plan to eventually work for NASA so that I will have an opportunity to work in several different fields... geology, astronomy, planetary, etc. 
Top Image:  This is a picture from Kitt Peak, AZ.  It was taken during an observing run for my REU project for Valdosta.
Second image:  This is a picture of RBO, just for those people who haven’t been there.  It is the nice time of the year... our two month long summer.
Third image:  Another picture of an RBO sunset, but this is during the usual time when there is snow on the ground.
Fourth image:  This is a picture of Dr. Leake, Alex Burke, Elise Jutzler and myself at Kitt Peak.  The telescope (dome) in the background is the SARA 0.9m telescope that we used to take our images of asteroids for the REU program in Valdosta. Me and the Solar Observatory SARA telescope, located at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona. Sunset at RBO