Ron Canterna is an Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Wyoming. He received his B.A. in Astro-  geophysics at Colgate University in 1968, a B.A. in Science Education at the University of Wyoming (1982), and his Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Washington (1976). He was the Director of the Wyoming Infra-Red Observatory and the University of Wyoming's Natural Science Program. He currently directs a national summer research institute in astronomy for undergraduate students (SURAP), has been very active in physics outreach programs for elementary school teachers, and is currently the faculty coordinator for the Physics Plus undergraduate program. His research interests include sports bio-mechanics, stellar astronomy, and science education. Canterna was the 1991 recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Freshman Teaching and the 1996 Ellbogen Award for Teaching Excellence at the University of Wyoming. He writes a monthly column "Wyoming Skies" for Wyoming's newspapers.






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