Rebka   Scientific   Conference

Wyoming Physics.....Past, Present, and Future

To honor the scientific and academic career of Glen Rebka

and to celebrate the contributions of the Department of Physics

to the University of Wyoming.


Rebka Scientific Conference

When:  September 14 - 16,  2008

Where: University of Wyoming, Laramie WY

General Banquet and Reception: Holiday Inn Brown and Gold Suite

                Sunday September 14, 2008  7:00 PM

Scientific Symposium Talks: Alice Hardie Stevens Center

                Monday Sept 15, 2008    9:00 AM - 4: 30 PM

                Tuesday Sept 16, 2008    9:00 AM - 12:00 PM       

Public Talk: Monday September 15, 2008, 7:30 PM

                    UW Classroom Building  Room 222

Guest Speaker:    Dr. Kip Thorne,   California Institute of Technology

                            The Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics


Einstein’s General Relativity from 1907 to 2008:

        Warped Spacetime, Black Holes, Gravitational Waves

                and the Birth of the Universe