Glen Rebka


Glen Rebka arrived at the University of Wyoming in 1970 after an illustrious graduate school laureate at Harvard University, working with  Robert. V. Pound.   The Pound-Rebka effect, Rebka’s Ph. D. thesis  was the first measurement of  Einstein’s general relativity prediction for a gravitational red-shift.   As an undergraduate at Harvard University he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1953 and completed his Ph. D at Harvard in 1961.  Rebka then spent 10 years at Yale University from 1961 - 1970 before coming to Wyoming. Glen arrived at the University of Wyoming Department of Physics  in 1970. 

His research took him to  Los Alamos where worked on particle physics as part of a larger national group of theoreticians and experimentalists.  Glen was the department chair from 1983 until 1991.  He was an active supporter of the infrared astrophysics  program at Wyoming by building up the astrophysics faculty. He was a staunch proponent of student education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels by strengthening the curricula and expanding the course offerings. He retired in 1997 as a Distinguished Professor Emeritus and has graciously offered his services to the department teaching modern physics  to undergraduates since 1998. This conference honors his contributions to the University of Wyoming’s  Department of Physics and Astronomy over the past 37years.